Jun. 22, 2023

HARRISBURG – Legislation sponsored by Rep. Dane Watro (R-Luzerne/Schuylkill) that would streamline the professional licensing process for veterans seeking a civilian career as an emergency medical technician (EMT) or paramedic passed unanimously in the House of Representatives today. House Bill 404 will next be considered by the Senate.

“My bill would enable our veterans who wish to continue their medic specialty after their military service is over to do so more easily,” said Watro, who is also a veteran. “We want to prevent the duplication of education and training to help make their transition to civilian life as seamless as possible.” 

Watro’s proposal would ensure that a service member’s military education and training are taken into consideration for the purpose of fulfilling requirements for professional credentials related to emergency medical services providers. 

Current state law requires certain Commonwealth agencies to strongly consider a veteran’s military education, training and experience for the purpose of fulfilling requirements for professional credentials. 

Under Watro’s bill, the Department of Health, which certifies EMTs and paramedics throughout the Commonwealth, would be added to the list. The Department of Agriculture would also be included. 

To view or download a broadcast-quality video of Watro’s remarks, click here.

Representative Dane Watro
116th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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